Pass parade cleanup will last all week

By Al Showers

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - The St. Paul Carnival Association's annual parade in the Pass lived up to its reputation of being a good time for all. But Sunday's party in the Pass always means a big job on Monday morning for the clean up 'krewe.'

"Just a lot of beads and trash," said Mark Crawford with the Harrison County beach crew.

Beer cans and bottles rival the number of beads and trinkets that can be found on the ground.

"It's just a big old waste," said Joyce Newby of Oklahoma.

Waste is Shawn Petro's business. His portalet company supplied 52 portable restrooms for the parade. The job on Mondy was to clean them and set up at the next parade location.

"So far we've gotten 22 and 500 gallons of waste," Newby said.

Heavy winds made an otherwise easy task a little tougher.

"The winds have been blowing pretty good," Crawford said. "It's been blowing like this since this morning. You got to hold the bag the right way to put the stuff in it."

The clean up crew got a little help from people who didn't want to fight for beads during Sunday's parade.

"Just picking up beads, man," Bill Shepard of Wisconsin said. "This is my time of the year. Look at all of this. This is crazy. Just as well put them to use instead of going to the landfill."

Another environmentally conscious citizen did his part by picking up the cans.

"It's a shame to see all these cans go to the landfill," Gillis Windham said. "May as well recycle them."

The beach crew collected more than three tons of trash in about five hours. They say city work crews will likely pick up five times that amount before the parade route is completely clean.

The city clean up crews are expected to start their efforts Wednesday.

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