Puppy pulled to safety after falling into deep hole

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – On Monday, Harrison County emergency crews hovered over a deep hole on a vacant lot in the Tradition community off Highway 67.

"Come on Zoey. Where you at girl?" a man asked as he peered into the hole.

"We found a little poodle that was about 18 feet down in a 10 inch hole," said Harrison County Fire Marshal George Mixon.

"Zoey, come on!" Carter Nezat shouted.

Carter watched helplessly as rescue teams tried to reach his trapped puppy.

"She was chasing her friend Sebastian and Sebastian jumped over the hole. But she couldn't jump, because she's only eight-weeks-old right now.  So she didn't see the hole and she fell in the hole," said Carter.

A special video camera allowed crews to catch a glimpse of Zoey.

"Come on! Come on girl," Jason Nezat kept repeating.

It took a lot of coaxing from dad to convince the puppy to come closer to the camera.

"It's okay. Come on, it's your way out of there," Nezat said.  "Good girl."

Two hours later, the volunteers grabbed Zoey by the collar with a latch pole.

"When I started pulling up, she started hanging up in the hole.  Then I turned her and she popped loose and 'shoom' out she comes," described one of the rescuers.

Zoey, frightened and cold, was finally reunited with her very happy and grateful owner.

"Oh yes!  All right baby girl. Whoo! There she is," the team members shouted with joy.

"Poor baby. Poor baby," Carter's mom said as she held Zoey.

"A lot of work, had a lot of great people out there helping us and working together and calling in a lot of resources to help her out," said Jason Nezat.

"It's worth it if we can get her out alive," a rescue team member told the family.

"Had it been a child, it would have been a terrible situation.  But we would have done things a lot different in a quicker manner," said Mixon.  "We took our time and it worked out great."

Along with the Harrison County Fire Service, Gulf Coast Search and Rescue, the sheriff department's Animal Control Office and a sewer service company also assisted in the rescue.

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