Sisters Meet For The First Time

Sharing family pictures help Christina McCloud and Tasheena Hensley catch up on lost years. The two sisters have been learning all they can about each other since they first met last Sunday.

"We started talkin' and we found out a little bit about each other and it's been question after question," says Christina.

Tasheena Hensley says, "As my dad said, or our dad, he said it's like a dream that he hopes he never wakes up from."

Tasheena's parents told her when she was just a child that she had a sister somewhere.

"We saw pictures of her as she was a baby, the baby pictures that he had and they were always telling me well you've got another sister but we don't know how or where to find her so we looked for awhile."

Awhile evolved into 14 years. Tasheena turned to the internet and family connections to find Christina. For Christina, finding out she had a younger sister was a complete surprise because she and her mom had lost contact with Christina's dad.

"I knew that he might have went on but I didn't know for sure and I knew how to look for him but didn't know there were any other children," Christina says.

Tasheena says she found Christina at just the right time. Her Seabee husband, Lonnie, will soon ship out to the Middle East. Tasheena and her three kids would have stayed in Gulfport alone, but now she has a big sister to lean on.

"I was gonna be here with nobody and then she calls and I have a sister here now, so I have family here so I'm not here by myself," Tasheena says.

"I have two other brothers that are my mothers and now I have another whole set of family and now I can step up and help her in her time of need and be an aunt to three more children," Christina says.

Tasheena and Christina will have another reunion of sorts this Saturday. Their father is traveling to the Coast from Kentucky to visit. It will be the first time Christina has seen her dad since she was ten months old.