Road and sewer projects could bring development in Long Beach

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Roadwork will soon get going at the intersection of Klondike Road and 28th Street to help ease traffic congestion. A water and sewer project on Klondike Road is already underway. The city has zeroed in on the land west of Klondike and 28th Street for the economic growth it could bring the city.

"It'll open up development that in the past couldn't go there cause it didn't have water and sewer facilities," said Skellie.

A HUD grant is paying for the sewer and water project. $6 Million worth of work will bring water and sewer to areas from Klondike to Beatline Road.

"Whether it's residential development or commercial, you have to have the infrastructure or they're not coming," Skellie says.

Stimulus money is footing the bill for work on two projects worth $1 Million.

The money will pay to put in turning lanes and a signal light at the intersection of Klondike Road and 28th Street to ease traffic congestion.

Stimulus dollars will also be used to replace the Canal number one bridge. It will be longer and wider after construction wraps up.

"It will accommodate a wider canal, and it'll be safer bridge. I think it's gonna have room for pedestrians and bicyclists," Skellie says.

The water and sewer project is expected to wrap up by the end of May. The mayor says work could start on the stimulus projects as early as March.

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