Lucedale residents see rare snowfall

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Folks in Lucedale say they haven't seen so much snow fall in more than a decade. Plenty of people spent Friday trying to soak-in the rare winter fun.

"It is something," resident Troy Byrd said. "We haven't seen weather like this in a long time."

"I couldn't keep my car straight on the road; I was just jumping and shouting. It is pretty cool," Tyler O'Neal said.

Driving in snow was a new experience for most here.  Three inches of snow stacked on top of rooftops and roads.  Hundreds of cars were also covered with ice.

"I let my windows down to say something to you and it is everywhere," J.D. Parker said as he wiped the snow off of his truck.

Kate Register was so excited about the snow that she ran outside with her little girl to feel the flakes falling.

Several teens used their day off from school to have huge snowball battle on a snowy lawn.

"I felt like it was worth it," high school student Cheyenne Washington said.  "I am glad we got to enjoy the snow and got to play with the kids."

The young at heart also got in some play time, especially Ashley Jones.  Jones couldn't stop twirling and dancing in the snowy weather.

"It is beautiful and glistening white," Jones said.

Many of these Lucedale families felt all the snow came at just the right time.

"First the Saints win and now snow," Register said.

Lucedale Police said there was only one minor accident due to the snow.  They're recommending that drivers slow down and pay attention because there are several slick roads in the city. That's good advice everywhere, especially as the temperatures drop and  the wet roads are likely to refreeze.

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