Ads may soon be seen on school buses

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - If a bill that would allow advertisements on school buses passes the State Senate and becomes law the Hancock County School District plans to be one of the first school districts in the state to take advantage of the fund-raising measure but wonder how much money they'll really get.

Signs advertising businesses and products on the sides of yellow school buses, It's a novel idea Hancock County School District leaders say they are willing to try. "With the budget cuts that are coming down from the state level everything is on the table as far as Hancock County School District is concerned, we will look at all means that we can to bring in revenue that will help us educate and transport children." said Assistant School Superintendent Donnie Gholston.

Gholston says he has many questions about the idea, like would the district be required to hire someone to sell the ads ?. How much the ads would sell for,?.. and where would they be placed on the buses. "You certainly don't want them covering the glass you don't want them covering the side panels to identify the school district. For safety reasons would not want to see us go to large." He says he'd like to see any money generated for the sale of bus ads go back into the transportation department. But he says being a rural school district where there are not even many billboards, he doesn't see it being a major success. "I really don't see it having a huge impact on the district's budget but in a small way it could. I think we could certainly try it on a trial basis and see how it works out we have a fleet of about 65 buses so we might not go broad scale at the beginning and see how it does."

Ads for alcohol and tobacco products would not be allowed on school busses nor would ads with religious or political messages. The house passed the bill last week, the State Senate is currently considering it.

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