Saints Superbowl win boosts school spirit, grades

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS    (WLOX) – Brees, Bush, and fleur de lis shirts were the uniforms of the day.  And Black and Gold were the campus colors.

"I think the children were very excited," said Principal Elizabeth Fortenberry.  "The majority of our students are Saints fans.  We do have one or two who are wearing their Colts jerseys today and we welcome them too."

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Harrison County hosted a Saints Day on Tuesday to celebrate the team's Super Bowl win.  The event was held in conjunction with the Saints Super Bowl victory parade in New Orleans.

"It just makes my stomach so woozy and it makes me so excited and everything," said fourth grader Emilia Rosales.

"Anything that builds community supports education, and the Saints win brought the whole community together," said Fortenberry.

The Saints Super Bowl experience is not only boosting school spirit, it's helping the students boost their reading skills.  Fifth grader teacher Ann Faulk is actually incorporating the Saints into her lesson plans.

"With their English and Reading, of course, and formation of paragraphs," said Faulk. "We start with the idea of the Saints.  What the Saints mean to them.  If it's something they know about and are interested in, it's just endless what they can do with it.  So their writing has been excellent."

However, the Saints excitement can have the opposite effect.

"It doesn't help me in school," said Rosales.  "It makes my grades go down, because I'm so excited. I can't get it out of my mind."

"We always want the spirit to be high throughout the school year.  But we are also, I think, ready to hit the books a little bit harder now," said Fortenberry.

The school has held three Black and Gold Days since the Saints won the NFC Championship title.  Tuesday's celebration was their last Saints Day.

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