Some fans opt for permanent reminder of Saints' victory

By Jessica Bowman – email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some Saints fans are showing pride in their team in a permanent way, with fleur de lis tattoos. We stopped by Jack and Diane's Tattoos in Gulfport for a look at the forever Super Bowl souvenirs.

Dolphins, hearts and crosses are pretty common tattoos, but tattoo artist Sean Donovan said that's changed to Saints loyalty.

"Once the playoffs started we've been getting a lot of fleur de lis tattoos," Donovan said. "I would say close to 20 maybe 40 fleur de lis tattoos at a time."

Legend has it the fleur de lis symbolizes perfection, light and life. But that's not why Ryan Johnston is visiting Jack and Diane's Tattoos. He and three other co-workers made a bet.

"If they made it to the Super Bowl, we would get fleur de lis tattoos," Johnston said.

Tattoo artist Dave Newman said he has drawn many fleur de lis tattoos for his clients since the Saints won the NFC title.

"He thought they finally deserved a spot on his body," said Newman.

Fleur de lis, also known as flower of the Lilly, dates back to the 14th century for social status.

So, what are people looking for when picking out this motif?

"The real small simple filigree ones," Curtis McKie said.

"About palm size," Newman said.

"I picked this one out," Johnston said. "They said it was the exact replica of the Saints logo."

And Johnston has already decided on a location.

"On my back between my shoulder blades."

So, how long will the excitement over fleur de lis tattoos last?

"I'm sure it will last a good two weeks to another month," Donovan said, "until the hype goes down."

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