Saints make a nation believe

Our beloved New Orleans Saints made believers out of the whole country Sunday Night. They are Super Bowl Champions, not only of the sport, but of the heart. The Saints were able to overcome obstacles not just on the field, but also in their Katrina devastated community and region, to realize their dream.

The Saints are our symbol and now the world's, of not only surviving in unimaginable times, but coming back and coming back winners. Their rise out of Katrina's devastation lifted our spirits week after week. They gave each of us encouragement that you never should give up on the football field or in life.

And that ultimate lesson unfolded in Miami before the world. Showing everyone that our region, which was written off shortly after that horrible day in August 2005 when Katrina changed our lives, is coming back and thriving.

Thank you Saints. You have always been our heroes and now you are the Nation's. Believe DAT Super Bowl Champions.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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