Parishioners Pray To Support Our Troops

"I love the chance to show support for our troops in the middle east especially in the faith of all the other people," said church member Gary Ladnier.

"I think it was wonderful. It was real patriotic and it was supporting the troops which I'm all for," said church member Clarence Williams.

Preacher Rodger Bradley says he has 12 church members deployed to the Middle East. And after this week's war protests, Bradley felt a strong need for a service dedicated to support our troops.

"There's more reason we need to pray. We need to lift up our troops right now, our President and our leaders."

Timothy White serves active duty in the Navy and says services like these help lift his spirits during this tense war.

"It makes me feel real good when civilians and people come up and say hey we appreciate what you're doing. We appreciate the military."

Members say this service won't end when the music stops. They'll continue to pray for our troops every day until all of them return home.

"I think the one thing we can do here at home is to pray and we do know that there have been some of our troops that have been captured, and that have been killed we need to pray for them as well as for their families," said Ladnier.

The church made a bulletin prayer board for the soldiers overseas. They are encouraging everyone who has a loved one deployed to the Middle East to bring a picture of their soldier to be placed on the board. For more information, you may call the church office at (228) 762-3221.

By Jennifer Holliman