Broussards burn their couch to celebrate the Saints Super Bowl title

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - 'Who Dats' are probably still partying at the Broussard home in east Biloxi. The family has hosted Super Bowl parties for the past 27 years. But Sunday night's bash was the wildest ever, ending with a couch on fire.

"That's right, Who Dat baby!" exclaimed one of the guests at the Broussards' home.

The Super Bowl party started at noon. By the 5:30 kickoff, the Who Dats crammed into the home were ready to cheer.

"Go, go, go," could be heard coming out of the kitchen.

And the chanting and cheering never let up. "All right, whoo whoo!" screamed one woman when the Saints made a big play.

The men outside were just as boisterous. "Yeah, all right!" they exclaimed.

Neil and Jamie Broussard opened up their home on Iroquois Street to about 100 Who Dats. "We got good friends and family," Jamie said.

Christine Krivanec was at the party. But she spent the whole night hiding in a corner.

"I promised my mom that I wouldn't watch the game," she explained. When asked why, Krivanec said, "because she's a lifelong Saints fan and she's very superstitious. I didn't watch the games when the season first started, and they were doing so well, so I promised her I wouldn't watch the games."

For some of the fans the first half was hard to watch. But they never lost the faith. "We're ok, we're ok, second half's ours," one man said.

"We're coming back, defense, we're going to take it," said another man.

And that's when they broke out their secret weapon, a Snuggie. A man with the Saints Snuggie paraded around the house. And the fans said a few prayers, too. It apparently worked.

"That's a horseshoe for the Colts, it's going to burn tonight," said a man standing by a fire outside the complex.

The Saints captured the Super Bowl title, sending the fans into a frenzy. And just when we thought it couldn't get wilder than this, it did. Neil Broussard set a couch on fire.

"If the Saints won it, I'm burning it, so we're burning it," he said. "We've been waiting for this for 43 years so it's happening right now. We won, we won the Super Bowl!"

What a feeling.

"We never give up, we always believe whoo!" cheered a Saints fan.

And this Super Bowl victory will be especially memorable for Jillian Broussard. It was also her 19th birthday. "It's the best birthday ever, yeah," Jillian said.

It was a night dedicated to everyone who believed in the black and gold.

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