Saints faithful celebrate at Gulfport sports bar

By Steve Phillips – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Who Dat fans went crazy at Skeeter's Sports Bar in Gulfport Sunday night. The place was packed with fans of the black and gold, with a few Colts fanatics thrown in for good measure.

Those Indianapolis fans enjoyed the spotlight early. Not only was Peyton Manning sharp, the Colts defense was shutting down the Saints.

"Defense," screamed one Colts fan, after his team stuffed the Saints run at the goal line. "They can't stop the Colts!"

The black and gold may have somewhat subdued in the early going, but it didn't last. Fans reacted loudly as Drew Brees got hot.

"Who Dat! It's how we live! Who Dat," screamed a trio of Saints backers.

The Who Dat Nation found more to get excited about in the third quarter. But the Colts were still very much in it.

"Colts got it baby!!  It's game over!!," yelled the Colts fan. "Drew Brees who???" he taunted.

Maybe Brees heard that challenge, because about that time the Saints took control. Tracy Porter's interception seemed to seal the deal. The place erupted with cheering as Porter raced the stolen pass to the end zone.

But nervous Saints fans didn't celebrate until Peyton Manning's final drive fell short. When time ran out on Manning and the Colts, the crowd went wild.

"I've been waiting 38 years for this," said one woman, fighting back the tears, "And my father, God rest his soul, I wish he was here to see this. Because he is up there with me rooting on the Saints for victory."

"Man, they did it this year. I hope they go back again next year," said another excited fan. "That game was the best one. The touchdowns. It was incredible. We're number one!"

"They're my home team. I can't help it," said another young lady, with tears rolling down her cheeks. "My whole family is Saints fanatics. I mean I've been with the Saints ever since I can remember."

We couldn't get the reaction we wanted from those rowdy Colts fans. When the game ended, they were nowhere to be found.

"My heart can't take any more. I can't take any more. I hate to see the end. But next year is finally here," said one man, his voice hoarse and mind still in a state of disbelief.

Pinch yourself and take a deep breath. It's for real. The Saints are world champions.

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