Local Family Reflects On Journalist Overseas

She's a familiar face to many of us.

South Mississippi's own Robin Roberts joins a group of network anchors and correspondents reporting from Kuwait.

But while she's our source for an up close and personal look in the midst of the war with Iraq to her family, she's simply Lucimarian and Larry Roberts' baby girl.

"I would not have conceived of her being there at that time and yet I realize that I'm just one out of so many and I'm among the fortunate ones because I can tune in and I can see her," said mother Lucimarian Roberts.

WLOX joined the Roberts family, including sisters Dorothy and Sally-Ann and their daughters, to talk about Robin's mission.

Colonel Larry Roberts' military career spans over thirty years, so he knows what his daughter is facing.

But even though danger surrounds her, he and the family maintain peace within.

"I was brought up in a family where God is supreme. And I think we stick by that and when you stick by that you don't get too flustered about problems. Sometimes you get flustered somewhat, but not too much," said father Larry Roberts.

"One of the things that my kids, we've talked about are the two Ls and the two Ps of God. When I learned she was going to Kuwait she said now you're going to have to practice what you preach. Remember you always said the light of God surrounds me, the love of God enfolds me, the power of God protects me, the presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am God is," said Lucimarian Roberts.

And while the Roberts family remains anchored through faith, they - like millions of families around the world - anxiously await their loved one's safe return.

Robin is thankful for the hundreds of e mails she receives every day from concerned viewers.

Mrs. Roberts said Robin was a little sick when she last spoke with her.

She said Robin's illness may be God's mysterious way of trying to bring her back home.