Mardi Gras madness, Saints fever roll in Moss Point parade

By Sylvia Hall – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Mardi Gras festivities kicked off in the city of Moss Point with their annual Krewe of River City parade. Themed "Let the Good Times Roll," the parade attracted an energetic crowd as it rolled down Main Street Saturday afternoon.

Whether on a float or on the ground, everyone celebrating Mardi Gras in Moss Point Saturday seemed to have one common goal.

"Let the good times roll," said Monica Battle, one of the parade's organizers.

The good times rolled down Main Street, as 31 floats, bands, dance teams and cars played music and threw beads to an exuberant crowd who raced to pick them up.

Floats were decked out in traditional purple and green, and many of the people sported black and gold.

'Who Dat' was a refrain heard over throughout the parade, always met with the same enthusiasm.

"It's just a time to party," said Pamela Taylor-Scaife, who watched the parade. "It's more parties. Whenever you have Mardi Gras, and we got the Super Bowl and we're in it, the Saints, it's all good!"

Beads, candy and plenty of other throws flooded the streets as floats passed by. Mobile native Carol Barnes showed WLOX what she had collected.

"I got this nice Mardi Gras football; I got a cup, [it says] 'Census 2010.' And we have candy in here," she said, smiling. "We have even a Valentine; we got a CD! Nice stuff, beads."

Revelers of every age attended, from little ones to Mardi Gras veterans.

"We have businesses represented, school children, local civic and social organizations," listed Battle. "Everybody has come out to celebrate."

Moss Point residents and organizers alike were thrilled to join in with their entire city to cut loose and have fun.

"Just watching the kids and everybody having fun," said Leo Fairley, who came to watch.  "[It's] just one day for the family to come together and the kids, coming together throwing the beads."

"Anything that brings the community together, we're willing to put our hard work to the table to make sure it happens," said Battle.

Battle said this year's Krewe of River City parade was organized by the Moss Point High School Alumni Association.

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