Scouts Pay Special Tribute To Troops

The Boys Scouts of America stemmed from a vision based on a military hero who lived decades ago, and that's just one of many ties this national organization has with the military. Thousands of scouts paid tribute to our armed forces, during the opening of the Pine Burr Area Council's Annual Scout Show in North Harrison County

"May God bless them in their mission of liberation and peace," Scout CEO Rob Hoffman said during the opening.

Boy Scouts of America is considered a very patriotic organization. Scout uniforms bear a badge of the American flag. Often scouts and those who serve in the military are cut from the same cloth.

"We have so many of our American military that got their start in scouting, " said Rob Hoffman. "We're very proud of that and very proud of our American tradition and heritage with the military."

Field Director Robert Harrison added, "Scouting is a great organization that the military depends on to provide young men who have the leadership skills that they're looking for."

Roger Barnett joined the cub scouts when he was five years old. Like all scouts, he made an oath of loyalty to God and country, a vow he's managed to uphold years later, earning him a spot as the highest ranking cadet of Wayne County High School's Junior ROTC program and spurning high aspirations.

"July 7th I'll leave to go into the navy," Barnett said. "I'll go to Great Lakes, Illinois for boot camp. I'm going to be a medic in the navy. I really hope I can make it into the Navy Seal program. It's been a dream of mine since I was seven years old."

Projects at the annual show help build the characters youngsters and lay the foundation of great men, good soldiers, and a country none other can compare to.