Pascagoula students make history fun

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Some students in the Pascagoula School District are making history fun.  It's all a part of the district's annual History Day competition.  Teens pick a period in history and come up with creative a way to tell the story.

A group of 11th graders got to be history teachers for the day, and some are giving lessons on the 1960s Black Panther Movement.

"It meant black pride, which means unity and all that," Markel Hunt said while demonstrating the Panther Party's symbol. They would go around and hold the fist up like this."

Other students touched on how rapper Tupac Shakur's music helped shape the 2010 "Hip Hop" nation.

"It just not about music, it is a thriving culture that is still growing today," one junior said.

The students have even come up with a special musical tribute to all the jazz greats.  All the music and messages are to encourage teens to turn their attention to the struggles and successes of their past.

"If we do not learn our history, we are deemed to repeat it," Elizabeth Green said.

Teacher Elizabeth Green said reading and researching are great ways to keep the past present on young minds.  She said the competition also shows there's more to history than just the wars and politics.

"We have everything ranging from projects, women's history, projects in technology, to projects about vampire novels," Green said.

Hopefully this walk back in time will make these students wiser as they move into the future. Organizers say Pascagoula High School has won the state history day competition five times because of the students' elaborate projects.

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