Shuck-N-Dive a Who Dat oasis in south Florida

By Jeff Shepard – bio | email

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (WLOX) - From the big truck out front, to the Archie Manning picture, to the stacks of Abita Beer, when you walk into the Shuck-N-Dive in Fort Lauderdale, you feel like you're in south Louisiana.

"The Saints were always larger than life for me as a kid," Chef Staz said. "I got to go to a few games and spent some time in the French Quarter growing up, so I've always been a Saints fan."

And Saints fans are flocking in droves for their first bites of crawfish this season.

The first thing Wally Pontiff did when he stepped off the plane from New Orleans was to drive straight to Shuck-N-Dive.

"And the best part was we didn't have to make any turns," Pontiff said. "It was seven straight miles."

"I love this atmosphere, it feels like home," New Orleanian Gary Burke said. "We're big Saints and Tiger fans, so we like this place."

Burke and Pontiff ran into Melvin Schaeffer, a high school classmate from New Orleans, who completely agrees with the house rule.

"There's no cheering for the other team," Schaefer said. "If you cheer for them, they'll throw you out. So anyplace that does that, we have to come out and support."

For 12 years, the Shuck-N-Dive has been serving a taste of Louisiana in south Florida, and this year's Saints Super Bowl run has been a boon for business.

"Even in the lean times, we do well. But I've definitely felt a burst on the business side for sure," Chef Staz said.

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