Moss Point spends millions to replace gas meters, sewer lines

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The city of Moss Point is spending millions of dollars to fix gas and raw sewage leaks that have plagued neighborhoods for years. Public Works and outside contractors are working together to do the repairs.

New gas meters are being hooked up and damaged pipes replaced along Grierson Street.  Neighbor Damion Harris said it's about time the city of Moss Point made some upgrades.

"So we won't have gas lines blowing up, leaks, and people's houses catching on fire," Harris said.

Public Works Director Chan Burns said FEMA gave Moss Point $2 million for upgrades.  He said Hurricane Katrina is one of the major reasons for the broken meters and rusted lines.

"We had leaks and they were not putting forth all the gas into the people's homes," Burns said.

He also said faulty devices made it almost impossible to accurately charge customers for the gas they were using.

"The city was losing over half its gas.  Now, we have a little over 1,900 of them [gas meters] we are going to replace."

Burns said crews have begun fixing another maintenance problem, ruptured sewer lines.  Back in December, WLOX interviewed Rose Drive neighbors who were complaining about bad lines. They said the lines were causing raw sewage to bubble up from the ground.

"We want to improve the quality of life, and we don't want to have the sewer discharges."

Burns said the sewage project will cost about $7 million.  Work crews are concentrating on placing new lines in low lying and older neighborhoods.

"We are looking at 30 percent of the sewer lines inside the city that will be repaired."

All these repairs will take time. Residents can expect to see all the improvements by early next year. Burns said workers will replace the gas meters and sewer lines in the mornings, so they won't inconvenience homeowners.

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