President Obama's proposed budget cuts could impact Stennis Space Center

President Barack Obama turned the future of the American Space Program upside down this week. His proposed budget cuts the Constellation Program with its manned flights to the moon and other planets. That means Stennis Space Center will most likely not test the rockets for the Constellation.

It's too soon to know what will happen with the test stands being built at Stennis to support the rocket testing. However, we are assured by Stennis that it will still have a major role in American Space Flight because of its large buffer zone.

The President says he hopes the private sector will take the lead in the future of American space flight. Stennis is in a good position for this, because it already has commercial interests on site, like Pratt and Whitney Rockedyne, and dozens of other state and federal agencies.

So while on the surface the cut looks like a set back for Stennis, there may be future opportunities that will insure that Stennis Space Center remains one of the premiere space facilities in America.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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