Saints fan stock up on party decorations for the big game

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Saints don't take the field until Sunday but the tailgating plans are well underway. On Wednesday, some "Who Dat" fans were busy picking out their party supplies as they prepare to cheer on their team.

Monica Pitts and Alyssa Walker live in George County but say they've shopped from Mobile to Gulfport for their all important Super Bowl party decorations.

"That's what makes it fun and festive," Pitts said.

"I think it gets the momentum up. Everybody. It pumps them up," Walker said.

At Party City in Gulfport, everything Saints is a big seller right now. Renee Bearden is the store manager.

"It has been extreme Saints fever. That's a good way to describe it," Bearden said. "They are very enthused. It has lifted morale. It's boosted the economy. Everybody is looking forward to Sunday's victory."

"I have just been emailing to Pennsylvania where I'm from that you cannot believe the hype down here," said Sheila Martin. "It is just unbelievable."

The store manager says sky rocketing sales for all things black and gold means extra work to keep up with demand.

"We're receiving trucks every day," Bearden said. "We have been reaching out to all of the suppliers trying to get everything that we can get in for our customers. So just check back with us, because if you didn't see it this morning, it may be here this afternoon."

There was one Indianapolis Colts fan who was unhappy about the selection.

"There's no Colts stuff here," Michelle Petersen complained. "I'm looking for some brown paper bags now for Monday morning so my neighbors can come by and put them back on their heads. There is going to be a lot of tears on our street come Monday morning when those Colts just ride right over the Saints."

Saints fans say they intend to party no matter what the final score.

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