War Talk Dominates Some Coast Classrooms

Gulfport High student Michael McGhee said "Saddam is a terrible threat to the nation, and it's a war against terrorism. We need to take some affirmative action on Saddam".

The World History students at Gulfport High don't hold back when it comes to Saddam Hussein. Ashley Gatewood said "I think this should have been taken care of a long time ago".

That's why most of them agree, the U-S is doing the right thing by leading the assault on Iraq. Austin Holder said "Saddam has given us trouble for a long, long, long time. We gave him plenty of warnings that we're going to attack him if he didn't get rid of his bombs of mass destruction. He didn't get rid of them, so that's what we had to do to keep the world safe".

However, one student thinks it's wrong to put innocent lives at risk because of one man. Mike Maston said "I'm still opposed to it, because I think they're going behind one person. I don't think they should point to everyone for this".

McGhee said "But everyday innocent lives are being lost, every place, even in America. So it's time for us to step up and get something done".

Disagreements aside, some students say we should support our men and women in the military. Gatewood said "I wouldn't stand up and fight, but I support anybody who does". Holder said "If I were 18 right now and we were going to war, I would definitely sign up for the service".

The students expect the war to end soon, as early as one or two months. They say the Iraqis will surrender eventually, because they can't handle the power of the U.S. military.  McGhee said "As long as we get Saddam out of there and start Iraq with a great government and a great system, you get rid of the dictatorship, it'll be fine".

Teacher Rebecca Reed says the purpose of the project is to encourage students to form a united front and support our troops, because many students at Gulfport High have parents in the military.