Military Mom Encourages Prayer And Support For Troops

Her encouraging voice provides a good morning boost for thousands of radio listeners in South Mississippi.

Kandi Anderson is the general manager and morning drive voice of Christian radio, WAOY .

When she encourages support and prayer for our troops, she speaks from her heart. Her son is assigned to a U-S Marine helicopter unit.

Imagine hearing the news of a downed helicopter, when your son is assigned to a helicopter unit. Those were some anxious moments for the Anderson family. But Kandi Anderson practices what she preaches on the radio, a strong faith in the face of adversity.

"And we are thankful we can do this. It's a privilege," said Kandi Anderson as she tied another yellow ribbon and added yet name to the "prayer porch" at WAOY Radio.

The names of more than one hundred South Mississippi service men and women cover the poles on the porch. Among those names is Zach Anderson. He's assigned to a helicopter unit with the Marines.

News of a helicopter crash put his family on edge.

"Turning on the radio and not realizing if that was your son or not was very, very hard. A very hard place. Then you run the gamut when you find out that it isn't and then you're desperately sorry for the people who were involved. And the families," said Anderson.

She keeps the TV tuned to war coverage for the latest word from overseas. She also visits news sites on the Internet, in search of updates. CBS news has a reporter imbedded with her son's unit.

"It's been really a neat thing to see where he's at, sort of. I mean sometimes too much knowledge is not good," she explained.

While she thinks of and prays for her son often, she also stays busy running the radio station and helping organize a support the troops donation drive.

Although he's half a world away,  Zach Anderson manages to support and comfort his own family here at home.

As Mom tied another yellow ribbon, she recalled a recent letter from her boy.

"We received a letter from him at that time when he was going in. And he said pray harder than you've ever prayed before. But know this. That all is right with the Lord. And I'll be home one way or the other."