Saints players confident at Media Day

By David Bunger

MIAMI, FL (WLBT) - It was Super Bowl Media Day, Tuesday at SunLife Stadium in Miami. Both the Colts and Saints met with the multitudes of media. Players from each team say they're getting prepared for the excitement of the big game.

"This is an exciting place to come back to," Colts quarterback Peyton Manning said. "There's a great history of football down here in Miami. There's been a lot of great Super Bowls played here. The fact that we're playing in two of them in three years, we're very grateful and thankful for the opportunity. But we know that it's going to come down to what happens on the field and we're playing an excellent team."

"This is a wonderful moment for me and my family and we're just going to enjoy it," former Mississippi State Bulldog and Colts defensive end Antonio Johnson said, "But business is business, we've got to continue to prepare well and do the same thing we've been doing week in and week out."

Among the many sideshows and distractions of Super Bowl week, Media Day could be the biggest. Twenty-five Colts were right here in Miami three years ago. They're experienced, they've been through it. For most of these Saints, it's an all new ride.

"Our head coach, Sean Peyton, he was here as a coordinator in 2000 with the Giants. So he was able to give a lot of words of wisdom as to how to approach the week," Saints quarterback Drew Brees said, "How to handle it, how to prepare, how to deal with all the media and the hype and everything else and to stay within your routine."

"It's all starting to soak in now that we're here in the stadium. We're going to enjoy ourselves and we're going to do the right way," Saints safety Roman Harper said. "We still have a game to go out there and play and try to win and we understand this."

"It could be overwhelming, Like you said, they've been here before, but we don't look at how many times they've been here," said Saints running back Mike Bell, "This is the New Orleans Saints 2010 Super Bowl, so what they've been is pretty much irrelevant to us."

"It's fun for the time being, but we have a football game to play. That's the most important thing," Saints corner back Jabari Greer said, "We've got a football game to win, excuse me."

If you're for New Orleans, you've got to like their confidence. Still, through all the excitement, the Saints' minds seem to be more than focused on the matter at hand.

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