How to attract new business/101

By Doug Walker – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - After getting to know each other a bit, the newly formed Economic Development Council got down to business Monday in Ocean Springs.

The seven member task force has the background to help the city grow and prosper, according to Mayor Connie Moran.

"The Board of Aldermen and I wanted to tap into the knowledge of some business savvy citizens here in Ocean Springs, those with some background in business, economic development strategy, marketing and business recruitment."

In adding to the city's business base, new construction isn't the only answer.  Filling existing space will be a top priority, especially on Highway 90.

"We want their help in identifying potential businesses to recruit for that space, in field development, especially the old Delchamps building," Mayor Moran said.

Another goal of the group is to keep the one thing in Ocean Springs that has made it unique among coast cities, the ambience of its downtown area.

"When you recruit a lot of businesses and a lot of businesses want to come to downtown Ocean Springs, you kind of have to define what type of genre that you're looking for and the demographics," Council member Kelcey Allison said.

But Allison wants to target larger companies as well.

"We want high tech businesses, manufacturing, like the AT&T that we have now that employs 750 employees right now. That's what we are looking for, plus small businesses."

If the council is successful, doing business in Ocean Springs will mean a win-win situation for both company and customer.

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