Pro-life group campaigning to put abortion on MS ballot

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Mississippians may soon be able to go the voting booth to make their feelings known about abortion. Several churches organized the Picayune Pro-life rally which included several guest speakers and a petition drive.

The people behind the petition say if they are successful, the fate of legalized abortion in our state will be left up to the people.

With tearful testimonies and powerful speeches, organizers of the Picayune Pro-Life rally held their version of last week's March For Life in Washington, D.C.

"Often times people don't see that there were 300,000 people marching in Washington," said Father Michael Snyder of St. Charles Catholic Church. "So a grassroots ministry brings the voice of many of the people who are pro-life in America to the local area."

Senator Roger Wicker said while congressional Republicans and Democrats differ on much of the healthcare reform bill, abortion funding is where the two parties seem to agree.

"I'm hoping we will continue to adhere to this bipartisan principle that I shouldn't take yours and mine and other people's tax money and pay for abortions," said Wicker.

Personhood Mississippi is collecting signatures from registered voters across Mississippi to get laws on when life begins changed in our state.

April Hurd is heading up the effort in Pearl River county.

"What we basically aim to do is declare personhood at fertilization which would give those unborn babies the same rights we have under the 14th amendment of the constitution," Hurd said. "That would then require state law to protect them which would overturn abortion in the state of Mississippi."

Hurd says the group is pushing hard to get the last 3,900 signatures it needs from the southern part of the state by February 14th.

"If we get what we need which we are confident we will. We are going to be on the 2011 ballot, which then the Mississippi state voters would be able to then go and vote for the amendment," said Hurd.

Personhood Mississippi officials say they must collect 89,000 signatures statewide to get their issue on the state ballot.

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