South Mississippi Supports Our Troops

Jeff Davis Avenue is lined with yellow bows, signs of support and the red, white and blue.

With the war underway, merchants are doing their part to boost American pride.

Such support is evident in towns and neighborhoods throughout South Mississippi. But it's overwhelming in downtown Long Beach.

The entrance to Lois Lawrence's flower shop is decorated with flags, yellow ribbon and a sign of support.

"We just wanted to make people aware of what our military is doing," said the longtime florist.

Jeff Davis Avenue is lined with bright yellow bows. They hang on poles and are posted on merchants' front doors.

The back room of the flower shop is busy with special order ribbons and bows.

"All five of my brothers were in the military. So, I've grown up being very patriotic and realizing what we enjoy in America," said Lawrence.

She especially enjoys the yellow ribbons.

"Everybody that sees one, I'm sure the thought goes through their mind that we're free and we have wonderful guys and women that are helping keep us that way," she explained.

Some choose to wear yellow ribbons. Like Delores Broach and her fellow workers at Triton Systems.

"To give support to our troops and let them know that we care for them. And that we love them," said Broach.

Along with all the yellow ribbons and flags flying, there are signs of support all across South Mississippi, signs reminding everyone to remember our troops.

Most signs are aimed at a general audience. But a framing shop in downtown Long Beach is creating a more personal message for South Mississippi military families.

"Postcards from the Desert" in the daily newspaper, are becoming keepsakes. The shop is framing the newspaper feature and giving it to the military families featured.

"We decided we would frame them and then call the parents and just give it to them as a little remembrance. So far we've done about five or six of them. It's just a little something that we want to do to try and support our personnel as much as we can," said shop owner, Pokey Hans.

Just like the growing number of yellow ribbons downtown.