Hancock Co. man helps pen Saints song

By Al Showers – bio | email

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Hancock County musician has co-written a New Orleans Saints tribute song that is getting lots of air time on radio stations in Louisiana and Mississippi. The song is called "The Who-Dat Roll " and it was recorded in Nashville by the Williams Riley Band.

There were three huge Saints fans behind the lyrics of the "Who Dat Roll," Gary Thibodaux from Louisiana, his son Travis and Hancock County's Shea Michaels.

"I kind of gave a little contribution which I'm excited to have done to be a part of it," Shea Michaels said.

Thibodaux started writing the song in his living-room while watching a Saints game but never completed it. That is until his son Travis pushed the issue.

"We needed a few lyrics to finish the tune and we were starting to get desperate to really get it out because they were doing so good," Thibodaux said.

Travis and Michaels had worked on previous projects together and collaborated on this one.

"He came up with the memorable one for me was the Drew Brees line cause helped bring that in and I think at the end when he said something about 'We have heart and soul and we're on a roll. We're going to take them down.' We completed the song, Shea and I, in like a half an hour."

Their hard work began to pay off after a nationally known group, Williams Riley Band, agreed to record the song.

"Up in Nashville, where Williams Riley is cutting their new single, I heard that we went ahead and put some ad-lib lyrics about now we're going to the Super Bowl and now we just won the Super Bowl, so I think we already have the other versions of the tune in the can. So my hope would be we get to use all of those versions."

The song writers say so far they haven't heard from any of the Saints players concerning the song, but say some feedback would be a dream come true.

The song is available for download on iTunes, or just listen to it online at www.williamsriley.com.

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