Artist finds creative way to show off Saints and carnival spirit

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – "This will probably be the most photographed float in all of the Mardi Gras parades this year," said Scott Turan as he looked proudly at his work of art.

The Harrison County artist has an eye for detail.  And he has the heart of a true Saints fan.

"The home team you know.  It just makes us all feel good," said Turan.  "I think it's a dream that we made it to the Super Bowl."

So when a Gulfport couple asked Turan to decorate their Mardi Gras float with a Saints theme, he immediately jumped on board.

"I said 'Well, during the Saints game, I can't paint it.' He laughed and he said 'I don't blame you.' We knew we wanted Sean Payton, the coach, Drew Brees, of course. I wanted Jeremy Shockey because of his tattoo."

His vision is a blend of black and gold paint and carnival colors.

"We've already had people say, 'Oh, where did you get the jerseys?' I said, 'Those are painted on,'" said Turan.

What started as a professional job has turned into a labor of love. You see, after 21 years as an airbrush artist, Turan actually retired last year.

"It gave me a boost, something I really wanted to work on, something close to me that made me really break out my air brushes again that I never wanted to pick up again.  It meant a lot for me to do it," he said. "If the weather had been good the night they won the championship, I probably could have painted the whole thing that night. The adrenaline was just a pumping."

The Saints float should be finished by Saturday.  It will roll in four Mardi Gras parades in south Mississippi, including the Long Beach parade on February 7, which happens to be Super Bowl Sunday.

"I'm sure we're going to see a lot of cheers and a lot tears. It's a happy moment for all of us around here you know. I'll hate to see it leave, too. I really will, because we put a lot of heart and soul into this one," said Turan.

Win or lose, the city of New Orleans will be hosting a parade to honor the Saints on February 9. Turan hopes his float will get to roll in that parade too, to show that the people of south Mississippi also love their Saints.

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