Moss Point couple fed up over water problems

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Carolyn and Herman Kimble say dirty water surrounds their Moss Point home due to clogged drains and leaks in the city's lines. The couple says Public Works has patched the problems, but has never fixed it.

"I am just tired of it," Carolyn Kimble said.

Carolyn Kimble and her husband Herman are livid.  The couple lives on Second Street in Moss Point, and every time they walk outside they see water everywhere.

"The water is in my ditches, it is in my driveway, it is on the side of my house, it is in the backyard.  My dogs in the backyard don't have a place to walk."

"It looks like a hog pen out here," Herman Kimble said about the water leaking in front of his home.

The folks blame the wet mess on busted pipes and poor drainage.  They said they've called Moss Point Public Works to fix it, but that it seems like workers have only made the problem worse.

"When they put dirt in a hole after they patched the pipes, it seems like more of a blockage than it did in the beginning.  Instead to the water running off, it is going down the side of my house," Mrs. Kimble said.

Public Works Director Chan Burns said he understands the Kimbles' frustrations, and he acknowledged that the couple has been calling constantly to complain.

"I do realize that people feel sometimes that we're not giving a timely response and they're being ignored," Burns said his department.  "We have several of these popping all over town."

Burns said the Kimbles' area floods a lot because the pipes are old and can't handle the water pressure being pumped through them.  Next week, he said work crews will fix the broken pipes, clean out drains, and vacuum all the water up from around the home.

"Once we get the water down, we will be able to see if there are anymore leaks and where the leaks are. We will be able to do more repairs."

The Kimbles hope Public Work's remedy will work and put an end to the mess. 

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