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Keesler family waits for loved ones return

By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

Earlier this month, WLOX TV began a year long series of reports called, 'Project Homefront.' It is our way to introduce our viewers to loved ones of deployed military members.

This week we met the Musacchia family. In early 2009, Captain Joseph Musacchia went to Iraq. His wife,Teresa Musacchia, describes her husband as a man who is passionate about what he believes.

"He is very, very generous with his family," she said. "He is a very loving husband, and a man who wants only the best for the boys and me."

The Musacchia's have always been a very close family, and that is even more the case with Joe's deployment. Teresa home schools their 10-year-old twin boys and feels it is best for both her and the boys.

Joe's military career has taken the family around the globe. They understand the sacrifices that sometimes have to be made, but still, this last year has not been an easy one.

"I am not much of a sleeper these days. I stay awake pretty much all night," Teresa said. "I take cat naps now."

Although he has been in the Air Force for 14 years, this is Captain Musacchia's first deployment. The family is fortunate they can talk or send e-mails daily, but Teresa pointed out it is certainly not the same as being together. 

"Trying to pass 365 days is hard when some days just crawl at a snails pace, other days it is just like lightening going through," she said.

Teresa pointed out it is all those little things that crop up in a typical day that sometimes make the days very challenging with her husband gone. She described some of the problems that occurred a short time after her husband left for Iraq.

"We had a vehicle that flooded, and the same weekend that happened, I had an uncle who passed away. So I had all that within a month of him deploying," Teresa said.

She admits these are emotional times for the family, but they are convinced Joe will come home safe and sound. The good news for the Musacchia family is that Joe's one year deployment will end in late February or early March. Joe's next assignment will be in this country, somewhere west of the Mississippi.

For now, the Musacchia's aren't even thinking about that. They are just ready for Joe to touch down on American soil. 

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