Small business owners comment on president's speech

By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Winny Bell stays busy touching up clients at Derfini Salon and Spa, next door to E-Fitness and Wellness in Biloxi.  But, the night before, she sat attentively listening to the president's plan to help for small businesses.

The president proposed using $30 billion to help small businesses. The money would come from money repaid to the government from bailed out banks.

"That really stuck out to me as a business owner," Bell said. "That is something that would really help me continue to educate my employees. I could give raises to employees."

President Obama also called on Congress to pass a second jobs bill that would offer tax credits to small businesses who hire workers or give raises.

"If they have more money, they can go out and spend it, and everybody else has more money. It's shared. It makes them want to come to work, and they're more excited."

Republicans responded to the president's speech by way of newly-elected Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. They said overall, the proposals made in the president's speech are just more of the same, deficit spending despite job loss and increasing the national debt.

As for Bell, she hopes the economic future of America will take priority over partisan politics, especially for those who depend on small businesses for their bread and butter.

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