Investigators: Missing woman likely knew her killer

By Al Showers – bio | email

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Hancock County Sheriff's investigators have yet to name a suspect in the death of 70-year-old Wenda Holling. But, they say she likely knew her killer.

Holling, who was missing for several weeks, was found Tuesday in a wooded area on Turan Road off Highway 67 in Harrison County. Some of her Hancock County neighbors are very concerned.

"Now it's done hit our area," Tilson Aimsworth said. "And the question is real large, What is it? Who done it and why? I'd like to know the answer."

Aimsworth was one of Wenda Holling's closest neighbors, with just a small creek separating their property. He said he was shocked to hear she was missing and is now in disbelief at her murder.

"It's just uncomfortable, you know. It's very un comfortable and for me to leave my house and leave my wife."

Investigators haven't released how Holling died, but do believe she knew her killer.

"Due to the evidence in this case, this isn't going to be a predatory crime by an outside individual," Hancock County Sheriff's Investigator Ricky Fayard said. "Mrs. Holling knew her perpetrator, it was an isolated incident. The citizens of Hancock County don't have to be wary of a serial predator in the area."

Investigator haven't named a specific suspect in the murder. But one of the people they'd like to talk to again is Timothy Evans, the man who rented a room from Holling.

"There are several people that we need to go back and re-interview," Fayard said. "Mr. Evans is a person, obviously, we're going to have to go back and re-interview. He is on the list."

Investigators believe Holling was murdered in Hancock County But won't be able to say conclusively until some key evidence has been analyzed.

"We are at this point and time confident that it had occurred here in Hancock County. But in the event that the evidence leads that it had occurred in Harrison County, they want to be prepared to take over the case."

Right now, both Hancock and Harrison County Sheriff's investigators are working the case.

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