Family of woman set on fire asks for help solving the horrific crime

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Pamela Davis lies in the burn unit at the USA Medical Center in Mobile, fighting for her life.  At 10:30pm on January 8, outside the Maison D' Orleans Apartments in Biloxi, someone doused the 37-year-old in gasoline, then set her on fire.

Her mother, Cathy Wimberly, wants answers and justice.

"I know that whoever did this, they had to have talked to someone or had to have seen something," Wimberly said. "And if this was your child, I would call in for you."

Pamela Davis is herself a wife and mother with six children. Wimberly is looking for help from a higher power, but said the kids are taking it hard.

"We firmly believe in God, so we know that God's going to be victorious in the end. But it's hard when you look in the little kid's face and they're like, 'Where's my mommy?'"

Michelle Little is the sister that holds a special bond with Pamela.

"That's my triplet sister and it's different because we're not only friends, but she's my best friend and my sister," Little said. "So it's really hard from minute to minute not knowing if she's going to live or die."

Police have hit a dead end and hope this plea for help will move the case forward.

"We're kind of stuck with no leads," Investigator Mike Brown said. "We've followed up from the very beginning from the night this happed talking to friends and family, acquaintances, pretty much everyone she's been associated with."

And a possible motive for the attack borders on the bizarre, according to Brown.

"Our initial officers got there on the scene and the victim was able to talk to them for just a second and made the comment that the Hispanic female came up to her, threw an accelerant on her and told her she wouldn't be pretty no more."

Police do say that with the public's help, they're certain this case can be solved and the attacker charged. If you have any information that might help investigators, you can call (228) 392-0641 or (228) 435-6159 and remain anonymous.

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