Biloxi mayor gives state of the city address

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Mayor A. J. Holloway began his state of the city address by clearing up what he called a vicious rumor.

"The rumor is I'm going to resign in February," the mayor said. "Well to tell you the truth, I've been giving it some thought, and I might resign in February. February of 2017."

Federal money continues to pour into Biloxi, and the mayor told the crowd of 600 it will fund a massive infrastructure program in the coming years.

"$355 Million in infrastructure work that you've been hearing about, you're going to be seeing it this year, starting in a couple of months and growing to neighborhoods throughout the city."

Holloway said the poor economy is continuing to take a toll on city finances, and the numbers are disturbing.

"For fiscal 2008, sales tax revenues were flat. But in 2009, sales tax declined by more than a million dollars," Holloway said. "If you take out the year of Katrina, this past year we had the lowest sales tax revenues in the past 10 years."

But the military continues to be a key component in the growth of the city, including a new cyberspace project at Keesler. The mayor praised the role of the Air Force base.

"To date, $6 Million has been invested in the program, and it keeps Keesler on the cutting edge of technology."

But the mayor had a sobering message for those who once called Point Cadet home.

"Point Cadet and east Biloxi will never again be the melting pot of activity as before the storm."

Holloway ended his address by saying despite tough times, the city will reach the pre-Katrina mountain top again.

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