Moss Point Parents Vote On Uniforms

There is no uncertainty in Lisa Robertson's stride as she makes her way down the halls of Moss Point High. Her mind is made up.

"Against. I've had two students go through Moss Point Schools and we've worn uniforms and I don't see any change in test scores. And both of them are upper in their class...way upper," said Robertson.

Robertson along with hundreds of other parents walked through the doors of the high school to pick up their children's report cards.

At that time, they were asked to cast their ballots.

"We would like for you to vote on whether you would like uniforms in the high school or not," said PTO member Margaret Lett as parents walked through the door.

All of the students within the Moss Point School district - with the exception of Moss Point High students- are required to wear uniforms.

The Parent-Teacher Organization believes it's time for a change.

"We hope we can get a different image that we have or release some of the peer pressure that the children are under and to better our community as a whole," said PTO president Howard Bailey.

Some parents agree.

"Clothes are expensive and they really need it too. 'Cause a lot of kids, you know, a lot of kids make fun of the other kids when they can't afford different things like that and it's not all about clothes, it's about learning at school," said parent Estella Richardson.

"The kids, they be under so much pressure now, and so to me I feel like the don't have to worry about all the changes, all the pressures and to me I feel like it's a good thing that they can have," said parent Linda Gray.

However, most of the students we spoke with agree with eleventh grader Elizabeth Richardson.

"No uniforms," Richardson said.

The voting, which will also take place on Thursday from four to six at the high school, is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization - not the Moss Point School District.

The results of the vote will be announced at the PTO meeting on April seventh at 6 p.m.

The results will then be forwarded to the school district for consideration.