Saints kicker talks about his premonition

By Jeff Shepard – bio | email

METARIE, LA (WLOX) - Saints kicker Garrett Hartley is the most popular player in town right now. That's what happens when you boot the 40-yard field goal that sends New Orleans to the Super Bowl for the 1st time ever. But did the 23-year-old Hartley have a dream about this exact scenario Saturday night?

"People are saying premonition, I don't know what it was. I just call it a feeling. A random gut-check. I don't know what it was. I couldn't sleep too well that night, so I called my dad at 2 or 2:15 in the morning," Hartly said. "I told him that I had a dream that I was gonna make a 42-yarder on the right hash mark. It was going to come down to that. But I missed it; it was a 40- yarder."

"And I just told him, 'Hey, you belong here,'" coach Sean Payton said. "I don't know if he heard me or not, but I told him, 'There's a little fleur-de-lis up there between the uprights, why don't you try to hit that fleur-de-lis?' And he hit it solid, and he hit it true. It was obviously a big kick for him, and it had plenty of leg."

"I had moments driving in for the game. For the coin toss, I was a wreck the whole day and last night. It's still sinking in. It hasn't sunk in yet. But yes, it's a very special feeling," Scott Fujita said.

Saints defensive players are getting some criticism about giving up 475 yards to the Vikings on Sunday. Darren Sharper has some pointed words for those critics, and Jeff Shepard will talk to Sharper and have that story on WLOX News at 10.

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