Excitement still high in the Crescent City

By Jeff Shepard – bio | email

METARIE, LA (WLOX) - We in South Mississippi were certainly excited about the big win for the boys in black and gold Sunday night, but in New Orleans, the atmosphere was absolutely electric. Reports are saying, the enthusiasm still hasn't died down.

15 minutes before the Bayou Sports Shop opened Monday morning, 20 early-rising Who Dats were still enjoying Sunday night's historic win.

"It's surreal, I tell you. No experience like it in the world. It's just amazing what this team has done for the city. And we thank them. They've really just lifted our spirits this year," said Jay Lauve of Belle Chasse, LA. "They have a Scott Fujita and a Jeremy Shockey."

Inside the shop, fans were waiting to scoop up every Black and Gold item.

Karen Lawny has an idea for all the teachers in the Who Dat Nation.

"The kids shouldn't have any homework for the next two weeks! Period. All teachers out there, this is the Who Dat Nation coming to you live. We don't need homework. We just need to focus on the game Sunday," Lawney said.

At Saints Camp Monday, the focus hasn't officially shifted to the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 44 just yet. Sunday night's overtime win in the NFC Championship game and the wild celebration that ensued.

"Seeing people cry. Talking to people. Seeing people dancing in the streets. I don't think you'd see that in too many other cities," Saints running back Reggie Bush said.

"I saw two guys holding hands, running down the street, no shirts on, just yelling! I don't know if it was a few too many beers or what it was," defensive end Sedrick Ellis said. "But I was in my car tripping on that!"

"That game was emotionally exhausting, physically exhausting. That's probably why I couldn't go out and celebrate. But we have plenty of time for that one. And I'd rather celebrate after we win the big one," said safety Darren Sharper.

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