Mobile High-Tech Classroom Rolls Into Gulfport

A special education tool rolled into North Gulfport Wednesday. The "Global Education Mobile" stopped at North Gulfport 7th and 8th Grade Magnet School.

The GEM is equipped with a computer lab, complete with laptops, remote sensing software and Internet access. The students used the technology, to help them study the make-up of the land around the campus.

Magnet Science Coordinator Randall Hicks said "What we're doing today is actually comparing the satellite photos of the North Gulfport area with what we're finding out here on the grounds. So it's wonderful!  They can actually go right inside, look at a satellite photo that was taken real recently and come back out here on the grounds and compare it what they're actually seeing.  It's something called ground truthing."

The GEM is operated by the State College Board.  It's available, free of charge, for any teacher interested in using the GEM as part of their lesson plans.