Saints fans delirious about trip to Super Bowl

By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) -  It was a moment forever etched in the long, painful history of the Saints, painful memories wiped away in one magic moment with the kick that sends the team to the Super Bowl.

Earlier in the evening, a faithful Who Dat crowd gathered at the Fort Bayou Saloon in Ocean Springs to cheer their team on.  There were highs and quieter moments when the Saints were having trouble.

At Skeeters in Gulfport, Who Dat emotions built to a fever pitch.  Wringing hands and nervous looks at the game goes into overtime.  And then, victory, and a huge weight lifted off the shoulders of the Saints faithful, including Jan Shook.  "It is awesome, I love what it's doing for us, for the coast, for New Orleans, it makes everybody feel good, it's awesome."

It was a nailbiter, but that made victory taste even sweeter for Michael Taylor.  "Oh, this is everything, it's long overdue, the game was way too close."  But Taylor also paid tribute to hometown hero Brett Favre.  "My respect to Brett Favre " Taylor said.  "You have to respect his southern toughness, but he got up one too many times and gave the game to the Saints.

For longtime Who Dats, like Robert Hall, this was a special moment in time.  "I've been waiting since 86, I've been a Saints fan since 86, my little brother is a San Francisco fan, my older brother is a Dallas Cowboys fan, roll up with them two and you'll see how I feel."

Before it was time to head home from the rowdy celebration, it was also time for Michael Taylor to offer some advice to the next Saints adversary, the Colts.  "This is the year of the Saints, forget about  Indianapolis, they can just hang it up, they shouldn't even show up."

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