No matter the final score, south Mississippi wins

It's the end of January. And nobody's talking about Mardi Gras. Why? Because the New Orleans Saints are still playing football. One more win, and the Saints' March to Miami will be complete. One more win, and the Saints will be going to the Super Bowl.

Let me say that again. One more win, and the Saints' will qualify for Super Bowl 44.

All New Orleans has to do is beat Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. How ironic. South Mississippi's hometown hero is coming home to try and derail the Super Bowl dreams of the team he once rooted for.

So who should we root for?

The team in black and gold that we supported for 43, often agonizing, years? Or the Hancock County legend who wears number 4. The guy whose gutsy play on the field has mesmerized football fans for almost two decades?

To us, the NFC Championship is a dream matchup. Favre versus Brees. Peterson versus Bush. Vikings versus Saints.

Wouldn't it be great to see the Who Dat Nation in Miami? Wouldn't it be great to see Brett Favre go after one more Vince Lombardi trophy?

I guess that's why we're so excited about Sunday's NFC title game. Because no matter who wins, south Mississippians will definitely have a rooting interest in Super Bowl 44.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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