Students admire Favre, but hope the Saints win Sunday

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Students at Hancock High face a loyalty dilemma this week: Should they cheer for the "Who Dats" or the hometown hero this Sunday?

They proclaimed their allegiance beneath the bronze statue that recognizes the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback. Alongside Brett Favre Field, a group of Hancock Hawks made it clear.

"Saints all the way," student Becca Keith said. "I'm a big Drew Brees fan. All the way!"

"I've just always been a huge Saints fan," student Chris Bermond said. "If they do lose and Brett makes it to the Super Bowl, you've got to cheer for him. He's a hometown hero."

If only that hometown hero wasn't facing the beloved black and gold this weekend. Even the Hancock Hawks' quarterback is backing Brees and the boys.

"Saints, no doubt," Keagon Gillihan said. "Brett Favre's already had one. I think the Saints deserve it a lot more than he does."

"Pretty much everybody does go for the Saints, but there's a lot of Brett Favre fans here too," Adrian Whavers said.

Besides the bronze statue and football field which bears his name, the 40-year-old quarterback from the Kiln has a large section of high school trophy case highlighting his many achievements.

Hancock High's principal was just a year behind Brett in school.

"I grew up as a Saints fan, so we have to root for the Saints," Principal Rhett Ladner said. "But we also have to root for Brett, cause he's one of our hometown heroes and just a great guy all around. So, either way, we're in a win-win situation."

"It's pretty split, half and half. Half Brett, half Saints," student Erin Ross said. "But I think the majority are rooting for the Saints."

When asked if she felt people were torn, Ross said, "Yeah, cause some of them are related to Brett Favre."

No matter who they're rooting for, everyone at Hancock High is excited about the big game, and expecting a close contest.

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