Church burglaries cause for concern

It is disturbing to see all the press releases recently coming from police agencies concerning burglaries. Most of these have been for home burglaries. But as shocking as it seems, there have been reports of three church burglaries.

Two churches on Popp's Ferry Road in Biloxi have recently been burglarized along with a church on O'Neil Road in Gulfport. Arrests have been made in all the church burglaries. What is shocking to us is that someone would steal from a church that is trying to help the community.

We know of many cases where a person down on their luck or needing some gas money or some food have been able to get some funds from a local church. While all we know about these cases is what was in the police reports, we do believe if these individuals would have gone to the church with a legitimate need they would have been helped.

Just a few years ago many churches on the coast left at least one door open so parishioners could seek the comfort of the church at any time. While we may be past those days, we hope the recent burglary of churches is not a trend so local churches can minister to the community instead of worrying about whether they need a new alarm system.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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