South Mississippi it's time to "pay it forward "

We have all seen the tragic video and stories coming out of Haiti. The death toll in that Caribbean nation continues to rise each and every day. The residents of that country are still in shock from the massive earthquake that has literally destroyed a portion of their country.

We in South Mississippi can relate to that shock, as the days after Hurricane Katrina we all wondered if we would ever be able to recover. But there is a big difference between Haiti and our part of Mississippi. We had the National Guard along with our local law enforcement officers who could provide protection to the public. Something that seems to be lacking in Haiti.

We had the heavy equipment here on the coast or close by that helped clean our streets, again something lacking in Haiti. Then we had the resources of our government and millions of Americans who provided funds to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to help us.

Well now it is time to pay it forward. If you can, donate a few dollars or even more to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army as they mass a huge recovery effort for the victims of the earthquake. We all remember what it meant to have a hot meal after Katrina. Well the folks in Haiti will appreciate it just as much.

In addition, we know the local Catholic Churches on the coast will be taking an extra donation this weekend for the victims. Many other churches will be helping out as well.

We are all well on our way to recovery thanks to residents across this country and the world. Now it is our time to help others who need a helping hand up.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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