South Mississippians ready to give back to Haiti

By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - At the coast Red Cross office, Director Joshua Joachim spends much of the morning talking on the telephone, telling people how they can help. But there's an entirely new way of offering donations that is much quicker than in the past.

"Social media has significantly affected the way our world communicates with one another," Joachim said. "You can text, for example, if you want to donate to this relief effort. You can text 'Haiti' to 90999 and that will automatically send a donation of ten dollars."

Coast Catholics are being urged to give generously in an effort to fill collection baskets with money, and hope for the people of Haiti.

"This Sunday, we will have a second collection for the people of Haiti," Father Paddy Mochler said, "and it will be sent to the local bishop and to Catholic Charities nationally to help in their effort to help them rebuild after this terrible disaster."

D'Iberville City Clerk Mary Lee Williams believes south Mississippians will reach out to help Haitians, since it wasn't that long ago that we were the ones in need.

"We appreciate everything that the people have done for us across the United States with Katrina and I think it's time we need to show our love and support and give back to them," Williams said.

To do that, Williams has challenged her fellow employees and other government workers to donate. She said the response so far has been good.

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