Battalion 7 Begins Deployment

If war does break out within the next few days, local Seabees will be on hand to support the effort. Sunday, the first wave of troops from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 (NMCB 7) deployed to Southwest Asia.

With machine guns in hand, deploying seabees were briefed on what they could expect when they arrive in the middle east, although each one has their own perceptions about what it will be like.

"Hot. I've seen some pictures on the news, with all the desert and the heat. I really don't like heat, and I don't like the sand, I'd rather go to the mountains," Seabee Michael Hoch said.

"Worse case scenario, sleeping on a sandbag on sand," Seabee Alex Reed said.

This group will relieve another battalion that is long overdue to return home.

"We would be doing anything that's involved with getting troops and equipment forward, be maintaining supply routes," Cmdr. Chris Homkomp said.

After the briefing the Seabees spent time in the recreation room, relaxing playing video games, watching tv, or playing pool. Seabee Charles Adams says he's spent the last few days close to his family.

"They're worried a little bit, my dad's been through it once before so, it's nothing new for him," Adams said.

After some short R & R, it was mustering time, time to load up on the buses and head to the airport.

"The plane ride probably is going to be really, really bad. Plane ride to Okinwa is like 18 hours that's no fun at all," Reed said.

"It's going to be a long ride, I'll probably end up sleeping most of the way on it," Adams said.

I [Nathan] will be leaving with the next wave of NMCB troops sometime early this week, and remember to keep checking this website to hear about our activities.