Murder Victim's Family Say They Want Justice

After more than eight months the family of an elderly murder victim finally got the news they'd been waiting for. Someone is finally being held accountable for the death of 82-year-old Dennis Wilson who was found murdered in his home last July. Earlier this week, Gulfport police charged Eddie Saucier for the crime. He is a man family members say was acting as Wilson's friend.

Wilson had escaped death not long before his murder. About two years ago, flames destroyed his Gulfport home but Wilson was determined not to let the fire destroy him. One of his legs had been amputated and although confined to a wheelchair, his family says the elderly man crawled to a door where a neighbor rescued him..

His stepson W.J. Barnes says "He didn't look at his age. He had a lot of what you call it spunk for an older guy."

Sadly, Barnes says his father's second chance at life was cut short when he was murdered. Since then Barnes says he has poured himself into a lawn care business but even the sounds of the mower can't drown out the painful thoughts.

"I miss my dad. I miss doing things for him. I used to fix dinner every Sunday and take him food every Sunday and he was looking forward to that every Sunday," he said.

Barnes says being a kind-hearted, generous and trusting person cost Dennis Wilson his life in July of last year.

"I wouldn't want him to stop being good, loving caring, I wouldn't want him to stop but he was just caring and loving to the wrong people. Everybody is not your friend," said Barnes. "You can open your door and let people in your house in your heart and sometimes the ones that you let in will destroy you."

Wilson's family says they won't let anger and hate destroy them They've been leaning on their faith and each other for strength but they admit the murder still haunts them.

Harrison County coroner Gary Hargrove says Dennis Wilson died from a stab wound to the eye. Meanwhile Eddie Saucier is in a California jail on an unrelated charge.

by Danielle Thomas