Shenanigans Parade Rolls In Gulfport

Sunday was a great day for the shamrock in Gulfport.

The eighteenth annual Shenanigans parade rolled through downtown Gulfport Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds lined the streets watching marchers, antique cars, floats, bagpipes and much more.

St. Patrick himself even made an appearance, along with grand marshal Rick Carter, Senior and Colleen Melissa May Banks.

Some people say this St. Patrick's Day parade is even better than the Mardi Gras parades.

"It's nice. More family oriented and very, very fun," said Leslie Sharp, owner of De Leslie Salon and Spa in Gulfport.

"You don't get people running over you trying to kill you for beads and stuff. People throw more green beads. Hey, it's better. They're lucky," said Craig Rouse.

Throws of the parade included wooden nickels, green footballs, beads, cabbages, potatoes, and onions.