MS Congressman: FEMA trailer auction should be stopped

WASHINGTON, DC (WLOX) - A Mississippi congressman is calling the government's "mass disposal" of FEMA trailers through public auction "troubling" and is asking for the program to be suspended.

On Wednesday, Rep. Bennie Thompson released a statement saying that FEMA's "short-term plans may well lead to long-term headaches."

"FEMA's recent decision to simultaneously dispose of over 100,000 trailers in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas may be borne of good intentions to recoup taxpayer funds. However, it is not an alternative without consequence," Thompson said.

"Although marked with legal disclaimers, it is no secret that these trailers may contain mold, formaldehyde and other potentially hazardous substances. A legal disclaimer will not prevent harm to a child who inhales formaldehyde or mold.

We must safeguard the expenditure of taxpayer funds. However, the bottom line cannot be the only factor in decision-making.

I am requesting that FEMA suspend this massive disposal sale and instead implement a program that allows the sale of these trailers to occur in small lots and only to state, local or non-profit entities who will remediate the harmful substances and return them to useful service housing the homeless."

Thompson is a Democrat who serves as Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

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