St. Martin children barely escape flames

By Rebecca Powers – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A young St. Martin family trying to keep their puppy warm with a heating lamp just lost their home and all they own. Their dog died in the fire Sunday night and they barely escaped alive.

Now the children are praying their mom recovers from the burns she received while trying to save them.

Nine-year-old Selena was at her grandparents' house for a sleep over, when they all heard a blood curdling scream coming from her family's mobile home next door. Fourteen-year-old Travis was on the couch and saw the fire on their porch.

"I ran and tried to put it out; I couldn't," Travis Lager remembered.

"Travis came banging on the door; I knew something was wrong," grandmother Gail Leger said. "I could hear my daughter screaming and we looked out the window and just see the flames. It was terrible."

Gail Leger and her husband, Jack, ran to their daughter Angela's trailer. In seconds, they said, it was fully engulfed in flames.

"They came running out of the house barefoot and kept on asking where Jacob was and they finally said that he was inside, and my grandpa busted him out of the window," Selena Leger said.

"He picked me up and I felt like I was flying cause he threw me out the window," 12-year-old Jacob Leger recalled.

"I had to get him out," Jack Leger said. "I grabbed the hose and broke the window out and he tried to run away, and I said, 'Come back this way, come back this way.' And he come back and I pulled him out the window."

Their grandchildren were safe, but their daughter wasn't so lucky. Angela is the USA Burn Center in Mobile with serious burns on her leg, face and both arms.

This has been a rough year for Angela. Her family said she was injured at work, then in a car accident. Her mom, Gail, is fighting stage four ovarian cancer. And now everything she and her children had, including their home, is gone.

Somehow though, this family is still counting its blessings.

"From the time I found out they were alive, I went to thanking God right then," Gail Leger said.

They would also be very to thankful to anyone who would like to donate clothing or furniture. If you'd like to help, call the family at (228) 447-4887, or make a donation at any Hancock Bank in the name Angela Leger.

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