Students Run Successful Nursery Business

At this school, a greenhouse becomes an outdoor classroom. Students don't just haul around backpacks, and plop down their textbooks. And getting dirty is actually a good thing.

Welcome to the Horticulture and Landscaping class at Harrison Central High School. Coach Karl Friedrich began teaching this program five years ago to help exceptional students learn job skills.

Coach Friedrich said "These kids come to school with a lot of energy and they learn how to grow plants and vegetables".

Junior Andrew Woodard proudly shows off a Mexican Petunia. He is among 30 students who are discovering their green thumbs. Andrew said "I know about every single plant here. Coach Friedrich told me".

Sophomore Ryan Briggs said "It teaches me a lot about different plants, when to water them, and if they get a lot of sunlight".

The lessons extend beyond the greenhouse. The students also take care of the landscaping on campus. They also sell the plants to make money.

Coach Friedrich said "We go to all our elementary schools and we try to go to all of them if we don't sell out, and we sell our plants to all the teachers there". Andrew said "We sold about 57 tomato plants yesterday. It makes me good, because I'm doing something for the community".

The class makes about $2,000 a year from their plant sales. The students use the money to buy more seeds, fertilizer and other supplies. The money also helps them pay for field trips.